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A massive shout out to Origin Energy, though not one of our official supporters this company has ensured our power was never cut off over the lockdowns of 2022-23. They have stood by us supporting ... See more

We can not believe we didn't cancel this program after episode 1... but here it is episode 2 of 3 Grumpy Old Men!

Seriously a great show!

Live from St Kilda with Ben Murphy episode 2.

Don't miss Live from St Kilda with Ben Murphy tonight on Channel 31.

It's time to bring out your unvaccinated!

Don't worry smokers you are next, and then those damn blue people... aren't they just annoying?

Don't misunderstand we are not against the unvaccinated, ... See more

Great interview of Simon Green on The Film Podcast regarding our team's short film A Theory of Incompleteness.

We love this chap, very much part of our Tribe at the Alex... Warren Wills on London Beat.

One of this country's hidden treasures that the West End tries to keep that way, but we have him here in ... See more

Just wandering around the internet during another day of enjoyable lockdown and came across this amazing show... and it was filmed in one of our studios!

So much fun, can not wait to see the next ... See more

3 grumpy old men from St Kilda.

Every Tribe has them, and the Alex Theatre is no different. Like them, hate them, when they are family you have to love them!

Warning these grumps are not very PC ... See more

So it's beginning to feel this short, sharp lockdown is one of the longer ones we are going to experience, but there is hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, and all going well it won't be a ... See more